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Eye Fi Mobi vs Eye Fi Mobi Pro

The Eye Fi Mobi and the Eye Fi Mobi Pro are WiFi SD memory cards for digital cameras that will give your non-wifi camera the same superpowers as a digital camera that has WiFi built-in. In fact, the Eye-Fi cards create a better, easier overall experience for wirelessly transferring photos from your camera to your smartphone. So what’s the difference between the Eye Fi Mobi vs Eye Fi Mobi Pro?

I use EyeFi in every non-wifi SD camera I own. I’ve used both the Pro and the Mobi version. They will connect directly to your smartphone or tablet without the need for a wireless router in the area, which is important to me because I shoot a lot of stuff out of reach of a WiFi signal as a wedding shooter and aerial photojournalist.

There is no subscription required for the card to work. They offer cloud storage, but I don’t use it.

Instead, I manually share photos to the cloud/social media, or I use Google Drive, Google Photos, and/or Dropbox on my phone to automatically relay inbound photos from the EyeFi up to their respective cloud services – it’s way easier than it sounds once you get it set up.

EyeFi Mobi

Eye Fi Mobi
Eye Fi Mobi

The Eye Fi Mobi card is really easy to set up with your phone/tablet/laptop. But I don’t like the Mobi as much because it transfers EVERY photo you take to your device, and I’m a high-volume shooter, so if I’m at a shoot where I shoot 100 shots before I get one that I really want to edit on my phone/tablet, I have to wait for the backlog of all the previous photos to transfer before it transfers the one I want. The Eye Fi Mobi also doesn’t transfer RAW images.

EyeFi Mobi Pro

Eye Fi Mobi Pro
Eye Fi Mobi Pro

The Eye Fi Mobi Pro version of the memory card is a little harder to set up. It requires that you configure it on a computer before you use it the first time. You can choose to have it transfer everything just like the Mobi card, but I prefer the ‘selective’ transfer mode, which will only transfer photos if certain conditions are met. In my case, I just set it up so that it will only transfer ‘protected’ photos from my 5DMkIII, and since the 5DMkIII has a dedicated ‘protect’ button, it’s really easy to roll through the last several photos while I’m shooting, just hit the ‘protect’ button when I’m on the photo I like, and the EyeFi transfers just that photo to my phone. I then fire up Lightroom, VSCO, and/or Snapseed on my phone, and I can share out nicely edited, high-res photos straight from the helicopter in near real-time.

TL;DR – EyeFi memory cards will work great for you- even better than built-in wifi.

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