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Canon 5D Mark III vs Canon 5DS

Comparing the Canon 5D Mark III vs the Canon 5DS I’d the goal of this article. You’ll learn about the technical differences as well as why you’d want to buy either of these DSLRs

Canon 5DS
The all-new Canon 5DS


Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark III

5DS Resolution

The 5DS resolution is one of the biggest differences between these two cameras. with a megapixel resolution of 50mp, the Canon 5DS easily beats the Canon 5D Mark 3 on raw resolution.

5D Mark III – Better for Video

The Canon 5D Mark III looks like it is better for some video tasks than the Canon 5DS due to its ability to output a clean HDMI signal for external monitors and/or recorders. The 5D Mark III also comes with a headphone jack, whereas the 5DS has bizarrely omitted the headphone jack, so monitoring sound without costly and bulky additional equipment is just not possible on the Canon 5DS.



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